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Participant Resource Pool

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core of the MCUAAAR provides administrative support, benchmarks, and tracks the success of program aims., It facilitates intellectual interchange among faculty, research scientists, and other stakeholders. The Administrative Core provides overall coordination among the three universities (The University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University), and other RCMAR Centers. The Administrative Core is dedicated to maintaining MCUAAAR’s many years of efforts to reduce health disparities through improving the quality and quantity of minority health research, mentoring junior scholars, and educating minority seniors.

Co-Leaders of the Administrative Core

Principal Investigator: Dr. James Jackson, the University of Michigan,
Co-Directors; Dr. Peter Lichtenberg, Wayne State University, and Dr. Joan Ilardo, Michigan State University
Co-PI: Dr. Robert J. Taylor, University of Michigan.

As the Center’s Co-Director’s, Drs. Jackson, Lichtenberg, and Ilardo are responsible for ensuring that the Center continues to meet its objectives to promote high-quality scholarly research and community-based interventions that are focused on health and health promotion among older racial and ethnic minorities. These objectives are expected to be achieved through recruiting and mentoring ethnically diverse Research Scientists; increasing crucial research on health and health promotion among older adults of minority ethnic and racial populations; and extending research on the recruitment and retention of African American elders in health research.