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Success Story Engaging Underserved Communities: Healthier Black Elders Center

March 30, 2022

Listen to HBEC Community Advisory Board members and Coordinators featured on the Aging PCOR Learning Collaborative podcast episode. Sophia and Taylor, two aspiring researchers, interview two coordinators (Sarah Whitney & Vanessa Rorai) and two members (Patricia Mullin and Henry Swift) and focus on a successful telephone outreach program conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic. The HBEC is an organization in Detroit, Michigan that utilizes many successful engagement strategies in their goal to reduce health disparities for older Black people.

Just Ask Talk Show LIVE

February 2024

HBEC CAB Members Sandra Richardson-Smith and James Bridgforth are interviewed with Faculty Leader Dr. Tam Perry and HBEC Program Coordinator Vanessa Rorai about HBEC, community engagement and participating in research.