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Healthier Black Elders Center Videos


Tuesday, March 30: Financial Empowerment

LaToya Hall (Program Coordinator, Successful Aging through Financial Empowerment) and Attorney Howard Collens discuss aspects of being financially wise during the Covid pandemic. Topics include avoiding common scams, protecting your devices, estate planning, and handling power-of-attorney responsibilities before a loved one becomes incapacitated.


Tuesday, Dec. 8: Let’s Talk Skin Care

Dr. Mari Paz Castanedo Tardan, dermatologist and assistant professor at the University Of Michigan School of Medicine, gives an in-depth presentation on skin health for many types of skin. She’ll give special emphasis on maintaining healthy skin as we age, the important differences in caring for African American skin versus other races, and more.

Thursday, Nov. 12: Grief, Loss, and How to Cope

2020 has been an emotionally challenging year. Join us to learn about recognizing signs of grief and depression, how these emotions can impact us, and ways to embrace positive coping strategies. Speakers will be Dr. Peter Lichtenberg, director of WSU’s Institute of Gerontology, Dr. Jennifer Johnson, clinical psychologist at MSU, and Dr. Kent Key, professor in MSU’s College of Human Medicine.

Monday, Oct. 12: Covid-19 & Flu Season

AARP is our partner on this tele-town hall event discussing what you need to know about Covid-19 and the flu season. Dr. Teena Chopra, WSU infectious disease expert, explains the difference between Covid-19 and the flu and how to prepare for the flu season. Dr. Jennifer Edwards-Johnson, a family medicine doctor and assistant professor at MSU College of Human Medicine, describes what she sees in her practice treating patients and what you need to know before visiting your doctor.

Thursday, Sept. 24: Stocking a Smarter Pantry

MSU Extension Community Nutrition Instructor Iteria Finley shows you how to stock up your pantry and freezer to be healthier and to save money! She’ll share how to limit grocery store visits, how long food can be safely stored, properly thawing frozen food, cooking from frozen, and how to identify healthy pantry staples with long shelf lives.