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Participant Resource Pool

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) consists of local citizens who:

  • Are interested in improving the health of local seniors impacted by health-related disparities 
  • Are willing to contribute to and support the research, outreach, and education efforts and activities of the HBEC

 The CAB is responsible for attending quarterly meetings to contribute to planning the Lunch & Learn series and bi-annual Newsletter. They attend the Lunch & Learn events, promote HBEC programs throughout the community, and recruit for our research registry the Participant Resource Pool (PRP). Lastly, they are responsible for reviewing and approving all research studies that apply to use the PRP for recruitment. 

Dr. Ethel Ambrose
Social Worker (ret.)

Mr. James Bridgforth
Claims and Servicing Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (ret.)

Ms. Precious Everett
City of Detroit, Principal Medical Tech (ret.)

Ms. Alice Feurtado
Human Resources Assistant Westin Hotel (ret.)

Mr. Freddie Hawkins
Senior Industrial Hygienist State of Michigan (ret.)

Ms. Johnetta McLeod
Tax Examiner, City of Detroit (ret.)

Dr. Shirley McRae
Detroit Public Schools (ret.)

Ms. Patricia Mullin
Realtor, Amazing Real Estate Solutions

Mr. Eugene Odom
American General Insurance Comp. (ret.)

Ms. JoAnn Smith
Medicare/Medicaid Trainer and Volunteer Coordinator, Detroit Area Agency on Aging (ret.)

Mrs. Fannie Spears
Administrative Assistant, Wayne County Court System (ret.)

Mr. Clarence Steen

Ms. Wilma Stringer
Division Coordinator for Development Detroit Institute of Arts (ret.)

Mr. Henry Swift
Owner, Swift Office Solutions

Attorney Adrienne Watts
JD Elder Law, Law Office of Adrienne C. Watts, PLC