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Participant Resource Pool

Analysis Core

The Analysis Core of the Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research (MCUAAAR) is dedicated to supporting innovative investigations into the processes and systems underlying health inequities and disparities. This Core also supports the development of interventions and recommendations to improve and maintain the health and well-being of older African Americans. The Analysis Core has a representative from each university unit; Dr. Briana Mezuk (The University of Michigan) and Dr. Wassim Tarraf (Wayne State University).

As Co-Directors of the Analysis Core, these Core faculty members represent a multidisciplinary team of established researchers, and through MCUAAAR, they support the scientific activities of junior investigators by providing workshops and consultation to enhance the rigor of research on minority health and aging.

The objectives of the Analysis Core are to:

  • Provide Research Scientists and MCUAAAR faculty the training and methodological tools necessary for conducting successful pilot projects and supporting Center activities.
  • Apply a biopsychosocial life-course framework to generate novel measurement strategies and state-of-the-art techniques for data collection and analysis.
  • Facilitate and promote cross-institutional and interdisciplinary collaborations between the other RCMAR Centers and across UM, WSU, and MSU.
  • Develop and test novel methodologies for addressing population health disparities.

The Analysis Core pursues these objectives by leveraging strong relationships with the MCUAAAR Research and Education and Community Liaison and Recruitment Cores, as well as other community and institutional resources. These relationships serve to synergistically enhance the activities of the overall Center.

Co-Leaders of the Analysis Core

Drs. Briana Mezuk ([email protected]; 734-615-9204) and Wassim Tarraf ([email protected]; 313-664-2632).