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Eugene Odom: Long-Serving CAB Member

Eugene OdomMr. Eugene Odom has been a Community Advisory Board member since 2003. Born in Ohio, Mr. Odom came to Detroit at age four and continues to live there today.  His career was interesting and varied.  He first worked at Cadillac Motor, then served as a court liaison for 10 years in the Wayne County Substance Abuse Department, and then transitioned to a career in life insurance for several years before retiring.

As one of the longest serving Advisory Board members, Mr. Odom has brought great wisdom and leadership to the Healthier Black Elders Center. He was inspired to join when a former member told him about the board’s important activities and invited him to consider being a part of it. “I really enjoy the variety of events and activities we do to help the seniors,” Mr. Odom said. The Healthier Black Elders Center is deeply appreciative of the many years Mr. Odom has dedicated to board service and thanks him for all of his support.