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Dr. Jacquelyn Taylor on Your New R01 Grant!!!

Jackie TaylorJacquelyn Taylor, PhD, RN, CPNP, NAM, FAAN, FAHA is the Helen F. Petit Professor of Nursing at Columbia University, and also a former (2005) MCUAAAR Scientist. She and Dr. Maxim Topaz are Multiple Principal Investigators of an R01 grant award from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities for their study entitled, “Identifying and Reducing Stigmatizing Language in Home Healthcare: The ENGAGE Study”. The specific aims of this 4-year study, funded for $2.6 million, are to:

  1. Enhance and define the ontology of stigmatizing language, referring to terms that perpetuate stereotypes or biases, in home healthcare.
  2. Identify the best automated method to spot such language across various locations.
  3. Examine how often stigmatizing language varies by race and ethnicity.
  4. Create a system to reduce stigmatizing language in home healthcare records.