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The MCUAAAR Hosted Webinar for HBCU Partners

NACDA webinarResearchers often start with the arduous task of gathering data, but tapping into high-quality data sets that have already been collected can be a fast and invaluable way to survey the field, explore topics, and test ideas. By stewarding secondary data, ICPSR serves the purpose of providing social scientists with rich and broad data resources that are high in quality and publicly accessible. Among some 20,000 studies within ICPSR, more than 1,500 are part of the National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging (NACDA), funded by the National Institute on Aging, advances research on aging by helping researchers to profit from the potential of a broad range of datasets. “Our role is to facilitate and expand the impact of primary data research,” said ICPSR Director James McNally in a recent webinar on ICPSR and NACDA hosted by the Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research (MCUAAAR). “We store, we organize, and we share primary data collected by researchers such as yourself, offering other colleagues the opportunity to do new analyses and to explore the work that’s gone on before.” The webinar was convened at the request of MCUAAAR’s HBCU partners at Howard and Prairie View A&M Universities to help faculty and students learn how to access secondary datasets from the University of Michigan.

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