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Participant Resource Pool

CAB Critical Crossroads

The HBEC Community Advisory Board members created critical Crossroads to engage in community conversations, advocacy, and strategies around issues of social injustice. Many matters of inequity have been brought to the forefront this past year, such as issues of racism, discrimination, police misconduct, health disparities, and more. The HBEC Advisory Board hopes to present on various topics to maintain community dialogue, awareness, and provide resources for action.

October 2022 Critical Crossroads: Get Out and Vote!

Mr. Henry Swift joined the HBEC Community Advisory Board in 2019. He is a business owner, veteran, and at age 85, he has been an incredible advocate for the HBEC program, assisting with recruitment and encouraging participation in research. Mr. Swift is an author and most recently wrote a column called “Democracy at a Critical Crossroads” for a newsletter dedicated to increasing the well-being of older African Americans in Detroit. In this video, he speaks about the importance of voting in the 2022 mid-term elections.